Election Day 2020

The day is here. It was a major relief to log onto West Virginia’s Absentee Ballot Tracking website and see my absentee ballot counted in black and white. I took a screenshot for posterity and made a pot of coffee. So, of course, I sat at the writing desk and penned this at 3:30 this morning.

I agree with Joe Biden—”Show Up BIG!” Let’s win, history-making BIG! Our children, grandchildren, and future generations will thank us. Our ancestors will smile upon us. You will feel hopeful, more positive, and stronger because:

You didn’t just vote; you spoke. You made your presence known, loud and clear. You took a stand. You helped save our democracy. You inspired others. You protected millions of others: the young, the elderly, the vulnerable, the incarcerated, the abused. You honored our loved ones and friends who tragically and senselessly died from COVID-19. You voted for our planet, for science, the animals, the environment. You voted for the small separated ones, the alone ones, the frightened ones, the motherless ones. You voted for Puerto Ricans who cannot vote in Presidential elections. You voted for peace, integrity, decency, honor, compassion, and respect.

Thank you to all the poll workers and all those who worked tirelessly to make Election Day 2020 work and exceed our wildest dreams and expectations.

By voting in this historic election in 2020, you stood on the right side of history. Each vote will send a clear message—we don’t want Trump in the White House, our house! Hopefully, his GOP allies will follow him out the door soon afterward.

Win or lose, we will have done our best. We did our civic duty. We spoke. We showed up. We voted to take our country back.

Even today, Election Day, in some states you can still register to vote! Go to http://www.iwillvote.com for your state’s specific voting information. Don’t delay!

Vote Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Vote blue all the way down the ballot.

Today is the day. Our day. It feels like a BLUE day, doesn’t it?

Stay safe. Be patient. Wear your mask. Ignore Trump.

Eleanor x

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