Adios, 2021. Bienvenido, 2022!

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This year, my family shared milestone celebrations and unexpected goodbye’s. Joyful, beautiful moments mingled with challenges, heartache, and loss. A high risk, high yield year for many of us. A paradoxical year. Conflicting, difficult energies. Although not everything felt positive this year, today I am grateful for end-of-year clarity and new opportunities for growth, change, and mastering old lessons in the new year.

I enter 2022 with continued fearlessness (no time to waste at my age!), while embracing new clarity, intuition, joy, faith, curiosity, light, creativity, and practicing more healing self-love/care. Releasing what no longer serves me, my heart, and my spirit. Opening my heart wider for love, new experiences, new adventures.

I’m grateful for another year of life and good health for myself, my loved ones, dear friends, and for writing, especially poetry, with which I find tremendous healing. On to finishing my second novel, The Laments and a new collection of poetry!

This month, I am happy to facilitate my sixth The Artist’s Way group with nine multi-talented women, many of whom are writers. We will work together on a year-long exploration of creativity and finding ways to add more creativity to our lives. I’m excited to begin.

Feliz Año Nuevo to you! May 2022 be filled with much love and light, peace and prosperity for each of us.

Eleanor x


Puerto Rican-born Eleanor Parker Sapia is the author of the multi-award-winning historical novel, A DECENT WOMAN (2017 & 2019 International Latino Book Awards) and the award-winning collection of poetry, TIGHT KNOTS. LOOSE THREADS. (2021 International Latino Book Awards). Eleanor’s books are published by Winter Goose Publishing.

Eleanor is currently writing her second historical novel, THE LAMENTS, and a new collection of poetry.


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