Prayers and Donations for Puerto Rico

Earthquakes 2020 Ramon Tonito Zayes

Image: Ramón Toñito Zayes

Prayers for mi bella isla and all Boricuas on the island and in the diaspora. Puerto Ricans still haven’t fully recovered from the island-wide devastation after Hurricane Maria, which took place between September 16 to October 2, 2017, and now they are suffering from thousands of deadly earthquakes and strong aftershocks–a devastating emergency situation.

I pray Trump quickly approves the Puerto Rican Governor’s request for a Major Disaster Declaration and stops withholding Congressionally-appropriated funds to recover from 2017 hurricanes. Release all available aid designated to the island for relief! As I understand it, as of this past Saturday, he has refused to do so, citing ‘corruption’ concerns. Yeah, that’s rich coming from him. I can’t recall a single, positive tweet from this guy about the current suffering in Puerto Rico. If I say any more about Trump and his ‘administration’, it will involve expletives, so I’ll spare you. Back to what’s truly important–the people of Puerto Rico.

Since December 28 (I’ve been checking USGS since December 16), Puerto Rico has suffered thousands of earthquakes and aftershocks, currently centered in and around Guanica and Ponce (my hometown), many offshore in the southwest, with no end in sight. My friend read that the island has sunk two inches. It is heartbreaking to know my fellow Puerto Ricans, my family, and friends in Ponce and Guayanilla are suffering every single day over lost homes, businesses, and historic buildings. Puerto Ricans are resilient and as always, they are helping each other, but it doesn’t erase the fact they are living with all-consuming fear, anxiety, and heartache with the constant threat of possible earthquakes to come. Thousands in the south and on the west coast are living outside in tents or sleeping in parking lots, in their cars, and on mountain tops with no electricity or access to clean water. The schools are closed, and people can’t work; it’s a horrific situation.

I ask you to please consider donating today to the many available organizations that provide assistance for earthquake relief in Puerto Rico. I am reminded to add (as I have done): make sure your donations are reaching people in need. Imagine if this was happening to you and yours. I do.

Thank you in advance. Prayers for Puerto Rico.


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