What a thrill it is to see my first poetry book, TIGHT KNOTS. LOOSE THREADS. on my Amazon Author Page alongside my first novel, A DECENT WOMAN. Thank you to Winter Goose Publishing for taking a chance on my novel and this collection of poems. I remain grateful.

I realize it’s an hourly thing and Amazon book rankings go up and down, up and down, but an hour ago, TIGHT KNOTS. was still #1 in the Poetry about Death genre, #2 in Poetry About Love, and #2 in Poetry About Love and Erotica. And a bestseller (#27) in Love and Erotica Poetry. It’s always a thrill no matter how many books one has written.



So what am I doing publishing my first collection of love poems at the age of 63? Shouldn’t the art of writing love poems be left to the young? Shouldn’t I be on the couch knitting? I love to knit, by the way. Or maybe defrosting the fridge? Doing anything other than writing love poems that my publisher just added to the love, death, and erotica poetry genre categories? Erotica. That makes me smile.

You know what? I should be doing all those things plus writing love poems that will make you cry, laugh, raise your eyebrows, cause your heart to swell, and make you think. Make you think about your past, the present, and yes, of a future with love.

Love is eternal. Love is magical. It doesn’t matter how old you are — we all need love — and love doesn’t solely belong to the young.

Speaking of young, maybe you’re wondering, “Do Eleanor’s adult children know what she’s been up to all these years with her poetry?” The answer is yes. My kids and their loves read an early draft of the manuscript and they are very supportive. Each one is a brilliant writer.

A friend teased that she will know which poems are mine. I said she won’t because we’ve all had our heart broken. We’ve experienced love. We’ve been married, single, and divorced. And no, I’ll never tell which poems are about me. After all, a lady needs an element of mystery.

So, why publish a collection of love poems now?

2020. Isn’t that reason enough? Tragically, over 500,000 beautiful souls died and it broke my heart. Why not? Life is precious and I am celebrating LIFE.

The second reason is for women over 50 and beyond, who sometimes feel invisible, no longer relevant, or stagnant in their day to day and creative lives. It is possible to write a book and to keep writing at any age. Please don’t forget there’s no perfect time, it always seems too hard, and your words matter.


Lastly, I dared to publish a collection of poems at 63 because I have been writing poems and stashing them in folders, in desks, and on Word for twenty years. Long enough. If not now, when? Never doesn’t work for me.

The poems gestated and went through enormous transformation. Light was refracted, bent, and everything became clear that it was time to put the poems together and birth this book.

While I may not know all the ins and outs of writing poetry, my heart needed to speak. I listened. Some may say I’m taking a risk, but it doesn’t feel like a risk to me. It feels great! My heart has carried these poems long enough.

Now, I can write more poems and focus on finishing my second novel, THE LAMENTS.

Thank you for pre-ordering your copy of TIGHT KNOTS. LOOSE THREADS. See? I’m thinking positive!

The official Release Date is 4/29/2021. I hope you enjoy enjoy my debut collection enough to post an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads. I already know book reviews are golden gifts to all authors. I thank you in advance.

Stay well, be happy. Never give up on love.

Eleanor x


Puerto Rican-born Eleanor Parker Sapia is the author of the multi-award-winning historical novel, A DECENT WOMAN, set in 1900 Puerto Rico, and her first collection of poetry titled, TIGHT KNOTS. LOOSE THREADS. both published by Winter Goose Publishing. The release date for the collection of poetry is 4/29/2021.

A novelist, poet, artist, and photographer, Eleanor lives in Berkeley County, West Virginia, where she is working on her second historical novel, THE LAMENTS, set in 1926 Puerto Rico.

When Eleanor is not writing, she facilitates creativity groups for women, tends her gardens, and tells herself she is making plans to walk El Camino de Santiago a second time. Eleanor is the mother of two fantastic adult children and a Chihuahua named Sophie.


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