April 9, 2021

Good morning!

What a brilliant day to share exciting book news!

Today, my debut collection of poems titled TIGHT KNOTS. LOOSE THREADS. Poetry is available for e-book pre-order on Amazon!

The AMAZON release day for the paperback and Kindle version is 4/29/2021!

Here is a review from a very kind advanced reader:

Tight Knots. Loose Threads. captivated me from the start. In each poem, we hear the clear, distinct voice of a woman experiencing and contemplating the complex nature of love and relationships. Life and love will always remain delicious, often in heartbreaking mysteries. Eleanor Parker Sapia understands that and shares her truth with disarming honesty and impeccable language.

Mary Hogan, author of It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way, Leaving the Beach, and Living by Ear

How thrilling to see my first poetry book on my Amazon Author Page alongside my first novel, A DECENT WOMAN, both published by Winter Goose Publishing. Thank you to Winter Goose Publishing for taking a chance on my collection of poems.

What possessed me to publish this intimate collection of poems? Why now?

Are all the poems about me?

When did I write the poems?

Am I worried this collection of love poems — some sensual, a few erotic — will alienate my readers?

Will I shock readers?

Where do I find poetic inspiration?

Will I publish another collection in the future?

For the answers to these questions, tune in!

I’ll tackle these relevant questions in more April blog posts. The first one will drop tomorrow!

I truly hope you’ll take advantage of the e-book pre-order sale price of TIGHT KNOTS. LOOSE THREADS.

And if you enjoy my debut collection of poems, please don’t forget to post an honest review on Amazon.

Many thanks in advance. Book reviews are pure gold to authors.

Be well and get your vaccine.

Eleanor x


Puerto Rican-born Eleanor Parker Sapia is the recipient of two International Latino Book Awards for her historical novel, A Decent Woman, set in 1900 Puerto Rico. Eleanor is a novelist, poet, artist, and she facilitates creativity workshops designed for women. In her writing, Eleanor explores the tangled knots of relationships, misogyny, racism, elitism, and domestic violence. She is committed to uplifting and celebrating women, giving a voice to women of the past, and to honoring her ancestors.

Eleanor is writing her next historical novel, The Laments, set in 1926 Puerto Rico.

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