Always Have a Plan B!

After much thought and deliberation, I changed the book cover image of my novel, A DECENT WOMAN. The main reason is that two award-winning novelists already used images of the painting by Marie-Guillemine Benoist on their book covers, and like my novel, both novels are about the lives of Caribbean slave women. The fact remains – the painting would have been the perfect image for my book cover, but I felt the need for a little distance. Our stories are completely different…but, you know.

Friends and family told me from the very beginning, “Paint a portrait of your character for your book cover.” I probably should have early on, but there was no the time to tackle painting a portrait with editing, social media, and blogging. Not to mention I had to figure out how to make a book trailer which I finished today. It was great fun to make. If I can make a book trailer, anyone can! I was excited to use photographs I’d taken on my many trips home to Puerto Rico, and I am pleased with the result.

So, back to the book cover. Once I decided to ax the original cover, I decided to play with the theme of  faith that runs through A DECENT WOMAN. I scoured the house for appropriate items, and selected the red, paint-chipped wall of my kitchen porch for the backdrop (which has been on my list to paint white for a year). I shot twelve photographs, and I have to tell you, it was magical. I’m glad I didn’t have time to paint that wall. The lighting was right, the colors were complimentary, and two photographs were very special. I immediately sent the two images to my cover designer and book manager who loved it. My cover designer did a fantastic job putting it all together, and we should have a cover reveal as soon as the mock cover design is approved.

No more hassle with licenses, copyrights, and writing emails trying to track down the owners and photographers of images found on the Internet. It was an ordeal, but today, I am headache-free. Well, I will be as soon as I receive the approval of the mock book cover. And, next time? Next time, I won’t have this problem 🙂

I am excited to present the new, improved book cover AND book trailer of A DECENT WOMAN in the very near future!


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